Event Pursuit

update December 3, 2017

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Event Pursuit is an online ticketing, event management system and event listing.

It’s built on CodeIgniter framework [MVC] and take advantage of best CSS framework which is UIKit



EventPursuit built for event organizer companies who wants to host events and promote.
Some of the features are Check-in, guest list, multilingual, Schema for SEO, Facebook login, reset the password, google map, search engine, EDM, social network sharing and much more.

Each event after selling a ticket will add the buyer’s name into the guest list of the event. Organizers have information of attendees before running the event. The guest list will show shows all information about guests.

With check-in functionality, EventPursuit will validate purchased tickets with expiry date and display under the event in a list. The check-in list will show all information about the guest.

The multilingual feature is not only about changing the error messages word. That means you can create your desired language file and add it to the application easily -you can read more about it in the documentation.
Also, you can have a different static page[about us, terms and conditions .etc] in a different language.

Schema markup for SEO is one of the cool features in EventPursuit. if you realize some results in google search comes with extra sub links and details. For example, if you search for “Tiesto tickets” in google, you will see some of the results with the date of opening event and link to purchase the ticket.

Tiesto ticket search result on google

Tiesto ticket search result on google

EventPursuit will display the event opening date, venue, address, ticket price and much more. This functionality is applied to every single event that host on EventPusruit.

EventPursuit’s search result on google

EventPursuit’s search result on google

Facebook login makes login much easier than entering email address and password. EventPursuit will offer users to sync their account with their facebook profile and login easily.

The resetting password is going to reset your password if you lost or forget it. but at the same time, EvenPursuit will validate your request and makes sure you’re the real owner of the account via sending your validation link on your Email address.

Google map will display venue of the event on the map. but guest needs more detail about the venue, so EventPursuit will shows hotels and restaurants around the venue on the same map.
About the graphical maps, You can choose more than 50 themes for the map.

The EventPursuit search engine is made especially for this platform and its not using any third party. The search will read and detect the query to shows the best result.
for example, if you search “free events”, the result will display only free events. It’s not only by the search query, of course, it comes with some drop-down menu filters.

EDM. EventPursuit needs to send verification links, acknowledge,
notifications and tickets to the user’s Email. So, the owner of this application can design and create their own EDM template and apply to the application easily -find more detail in the documentation.

Events are all about sharing and distributing. Each hosted event on EventPusuit will allow users to share the event content to their friends or on their own profile.

Event Reports

Display how numbers of visit, purchased tickets and remaining tickets.

Control Panel

powerful control panel for organisers and buyers to manage their content


Multiple ticketing. I saw many times events are running for 2 – 3 days and they’re selling tickets separately for each day. Their capacity is the same but the remaining after each purchase will be different. The challenge was to display the different remaining tickets, for the day, and sell out label if the day’s tickets are fully sold out.

Making search engine is not an easy task. One of the challenges in this project was making a search engine that detects user’s queries and returns the most relevant result. To do so I made a dictionary for the common words such as -$, from, free, near and so on. The search query will split and find the matches from the dictionary and then decide how to fetch data from the database.



I’m selling this project on CodeCanyon only. If you’re interested, you can purchase the project here. You can leave your questions, feedback or comments on the page and I’m gonna respond.

Or simply send me direct message on my twitter @ardawanizadi.

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