Event Pursuit

update April 20, 2017

Event Pursuit is an online ticketing, event management system and event listing.

It’s built on CodeIgniter framework [MVC] and take advantage of best CSS framework which is UIKit


One of the top feature of this project is the search part. The search engine will filter the result by only search query -It't not only accept search queries, but you have the traditional filters;

For example:

events in berlin

The search engine will automatically will display events which located in Berlin rather than selecting the country from the filter manually. This features will not ends up here, the search queries can detect more details about the event and return the appropriate result.

Another feature is the notification in this app. In the event industry its normal that sometimes need to change the details about the event such as Opening time. The organiser -who upload the event, can change the details and buyers -who purchased it's ticket, can receive a notification about the changes. 

This feature can help to buyers and organisers to always be updated about the coming events.

Event Reports

Display how numbers of visit, purchased tickets and remaining tickets.

Control Panel

display all the data about user and their events or even purchased tickets.


Multiple ticketing. I saw many times events are running for 2 - 3 days and they're selling tickets separately for each day. Their capacity is the same but the remaining after each purchase will be different. The challenge was to display the different remaining tickets, for the day, and sale out label if the day's tickets are fully sold out.

Making search engine is not an easy task. One of the challenges in this project was making a search engine that detect user's queries and and the most relevant result. To do so i made a dictionary for the common words such as -$, from, free, near and so on. The search query will split and find the matches from the dictionary and then decide how to fetch data from the database.


I'm selling this project on CodeCanyon only. If you're interested, you can purchase the project from here. You can leave your questions, feedback or comments on the page and I'm gonna respond.

Or simply send me direct message on my twitter @ardawanizadi.