Lazy Uploader

update July 21, 2017

Deploy your entire web project along with database on your shared host at once.

Basically, this software will help you to transfer all your website files to your server and import entire SQL file into your database easily.
This software is CLI at the moment. 


The lazyUploader will help you to upload your project’s files and import database. 
For example, if you want to upload only files, you need to use only f and -d to import database. Also, you can use only one of them.

Upload file with Database:

$ f d

Upload files:

$ f

Import .sql file into database:

$ d

[Note: To get help and instruction use -h instead]

The software is able to transfer all your files along with folder and subfolders, simply, entire folder’s project to your host server via FTP.
Why it uses FTP only? This software designed for beginners or who have no experience in this field. The easiest way for them is to use FTP in terms of simplicity and getting access to it.

If you need to overwrite your files on the destination path, you need to use F to allow the software to overwrite the files and folders. However, you can create a database and overwrite the tables by using D.

[Note: Some of the host companies will not allow third-party software create database or table. In this case, you may create the database on your Cpanel.]

To use this tool you need to prepare all credentials about your Host’s FTP, Database.


As it was my first real Python software, I had some challenges to work with Python features such as work with files, FTP and MySQL libraries.

I was trying to make a useful function to exploring the folders to find files and subfolders. This functionality was a bit challenging because you will never know how many subfolders you gonna have in the project folder.

Another hand I must take care of the server to create the same directory structure. So it works after few hours work on these.


If you like lazyUploader tool, send your interest to @ardawanizadi and get the tool and use it.